Even as he makes fledgling overtures on immigration and tax reform to the congressional Democrats, the president appears to believe that if only the GOP majority in the Senate would steamroll the minority in that body, twist the Senate rules out of shape, and legislate without any need for negotiation with the Democrats, great things would happen. Trump's ins...

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) is a national hero.

That statement has been valid for decades, dating back to his valiant service in the Vietnam War. So, it was true before we learned of the tumor in his brain and the surgery to remove it.

It was true before he so bravely flew back to Washington, D.C. to cast a critical vote to begin debate on the effort to dismantl...

It should be no surprise that when Donald Trump looks at the U.S. Senate, he sees a body he wants out of his way.

Historically, the Senate has taken a dim view of being told what to do about Senate rules by presidents.

Trump should see, as Reagan did, that cooperating with a bipartisan thorough investigation is the best route to clearing up the mess.

If nominations are to be one-party affairs when the president's party controls the Senate and a president’s nominees are to be held hostage until the next election when it does not, the Supreme Court will become permanently politicized and polarized.

Now that the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch have been completed, the Senate Judiciary Committee will vote on April 3.  It is nearly certain that the nomination will be reported to the Senate floor on a party line (11-9) vote.

The battle, however, is just beginning. The decisions which Senate leadership on both sides of the aisle m...

President Trump and the Republican Congressional leadership have suffered a stunning defeat.

Ted Cruz is calling on Vice President Mike Pence to take action which would undermine the Senate

Silencing of Elizabeth Warren by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

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Richard A. Arenberg

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